From: Gerald Soh


Dear Friend,
If you love photography just as I do and want to take beautiful pictures, then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Imagine...being able to take beautiful photos at the next family outing & impressing everyone with your flash photography skills...wouldn’t it be great to finally be the talk of the party?
Gerald Soh

My name is Gerald Soh.

Now, I didn’t start out as a professional photographer with many expensive camera lenses, flash guns and other equipments.

I had problems while taking photos in wedding dinners, in parties....during vacations....and I just couldn’t take nice photos. Most of the photos taken were either blurry, overexposed, too much contrast and others.

I was a struggling so-called photographer trying to learn how shoot like an experienced photographer.
Obviously, I failed many times.

I couldn’t even take a simple beautiful picture because I wasn’t gifted in photography.

I spent my hard-earned money from my part time job to attend photography courses, but didn’t learn what I needed to achieve the realism of an experienced photographer.

I can still remember the first time I offered to take photos for my relative’s baby back in 2007, when I didn’t really understand how to attain my potential.

I thought I managed to take nice photos, so I shared it with all my friends – but they laughed at my photography skills.

Because I’m Not Gifted In Photography, Most Of My Friends Told Me To Give Up!

Looking at their photos, I felt that I was not as skilful, couldn’t take photos as well as they could. I Might As Well Stayed At Home And Watched Football.

And after awhile, I tend to shy away from family outings and my buddies stopped inviting me to go hang out with them.

Until today, I still keep that few baby photos that I shot in my mini photography lab...

First Baby Picture

After years of trials and errors, I’m now able to take a baby’s photo like this...

First Baby Picture

This is not from overnight success. I’ve been practicing and learning for almost every single day to attain a higher level of photography skills.

The truth is... there was this one year period that I did not improve my photography techniques at all. After achieving the results that I wanted, I concentrated on teaching others (my cousins and friends), at the expense of myself. Because of teaching others, I lack of practice time and stopped learning in photography for almost a year! My photography techniques became stuck at the same level without improvement.

Deep down in my heart, I know that I’ve been satisfied for where I am in my photography techniques and skills. I’ve been satisfied that I stopped improving my photography skills.

Then, one day, everything changed...

I was invited to join an event that is organized for every photographer to share their masterpiece with everyone.

I suddenly did not feel so satisfied anymore. I had thought I was good enough to master the art of photography... until I met many experienced photographers who were far better than me.

Suddenly, I felt like an amateur photographer who just owned a camera yesterday!

And while I was inspired by them, being with these experienced photographers made me totally dissatisfied.

It was time to do some soul searching...

You see, most people take expensive photography courses and buy many different types of pricey equipments.

The problem is...

I don't have thousands of dollars to throw at new cameras, lights, and to enrol in courses as I have spent most of my hard-earned money.

So, I decided to learn the hard way.

I sat at my “little photography lab” at home looking at all of my previous photos taken… and eventually thought of a different way to shoot them. A different way to make photos look more interesting and beautiful.

I begin practicing and taking photos every day again to crack the code of going to the next level of photography…

The word "practice makes perfect" is so true!

After months of practicing...

I Discovered Something.....

I notice a similar pattern among most photographers. Most of them, if not all of them mentioned this same concern. They hold an “unfair advantage” of upper card because they knew about this long time ago. They knew the importance of this and through hard times and lots of effort; they perfect this specific skill which makes them a professional in this field.

This is definitely the
X-Factor of Photography!
First Baby Picture
I know you’re thinking...what are the benefits of knowing the X-FACTOR and being able to take beautiful photos?
Checkmark Use the X-FACTOR of photography to capture emotions instead of just plain moments
…and combine the science and art for spectacular results.
Checkmark Never missing another "priceless moment" while figuring out the right camera setting
– you will have the amazing ability to capture a moment, an essence of someone so beautifully and brings joy to those who see it.
Checkmark Being praised by others for your photography skills – your friends will be bugging you every day, asking you to teach them how to shoot like you!
Checkmark Shoot a picture that really is worth a thousand words! –well, not many photographers can do so.
Checkmark Save lots of time without having to edit your photos using software – originality is the keyword. If you notice, experienced photographers seldom edit their photos.
Checkmark Sell your “masterpiece” for extra income – you can turn your hobby into a money making business!
Checkmark You can earn more by becoming a freelance photographer – and maybe quit your daily 9-5 job!
Checkmark Capture special events like a special birthday or the family vacation with clear, well composed pictures – be the chosen one to capture great photos and share them with everyone.
Checkmark Have a self-fulfilling shot or even better, a great career in photography – it’s worth it even though you are all worn out
Checkmark Most importantly, take beautiful photographs that you and your loved ones proudly frame and display – priceless!
Checkmark And much more!

When I found out about the X-FACTOR, I began to understand how everything works and applied what I have learnt over the past few years.

All these hard work truly changed my photography life.

Now, I am proud to say that I am able to capture AWESOME and PRICELESS photos like the one below.

Twin Tower Twin Tower

And guess what?

I’m always busy taking beautiful photos of my family outing and friends are always calling me out for photo shooting sessions. I even have friends who asked me to be their wedding photographer for their important day!

How cool is that?

You feels GREAT when people praise and compliment on your professional photo shooting skills. It feels like you are on top of the world! I know you would want to feel like this too. And I want to share you with more about this X-FACTOR.

Below are some of the examples of great photos taken by me and my fellow photographer friends. It may not be the most beautiful photos in the world but at least I am proud to say that I can take better quality photos now. And I hope you can too in the future.


I know that you have the same problem just like I do years ago. And I decided to share all my knowledge with you so that you can take beautiful photos in the future. So, for the past several months, I've been compiling a comprehensive how-to guide that explains the techniques some of the best photographers use to master this X-FACTOR.

Allow me to introduce.....

Book Cover

The Secret Shortcut To Snapping
Professional Photographs!

It comes with 72 pages of AWESOME information and contains a lot of amazing photographs! Each chapter in the e-book is laid out in an easy-to-read format together with tips and advice.

It’s Not Like Any Other E-book Or Video You’ve Ever Watched On Flash Photography... Why?

1 Simple, every section of the ebook is there because “you asked for it”. Well, not “you” really. But from real live questions.
2 Questions from people who love photography and wanted to know more. A simple webpage I setup, and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing questions on how to master lighting photography. Then I answered them!

This means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know!

Here are some of the things you will learn in this e-book...

Checkmark Find out why the X-FACTOR is so important
Checkmark The three important equipments you must bring wherever you go
Checkmark The four crucial rules when to implement the X-FACTOR
Checkmark How to tackle complicated situations in the simplest way
Checkmark The right camera settings for low light conditions without blinding everyone else
Checkmark The most effective way to work with natural lights by implementing the right X-FACTOR tactics
Checkmark Tackling light bulbs to enhance subjects
Checkmark The ultimate solution to shoot fire with the secret photography technique
Checkmark Scenarios, objectives and methods in conquering the X-FACTOR
Checkmark Learn about the equipments used in mastering the X-FACTOR
Checkmark How natural light affects your photograph
Checkmark Discover the tips and tricks in of photography
Checkmark The very best ways to capture photos
Checkmark The right place and time to take GREAT photos
Checkmark How to quickly and easily set your camera settings
Checkmark The power of using reflectors
Checkmark How to deal with backlight and shoot beautiful pictures
Checkmark Awesome effects to get dynamic shots with reflector lights
Checkmark Important tips about the X-FACTOR
Checkmark How to use the X-FACTOR to make people stunned by your beautiful photos
Checkmark And much more!

But Wait!

That is not all… it gets even better though…

I want to make sure you have everything you need to know to guarantee the success of your efforts to become a better photographer. If you take action now, you’ll also get 4 FREE instant access to additional exclusive bonuses.

Bonus #1
Photoshop Secrets


You Will Learn About...
- How layers are used in Photoshop images
- Why it’s important to create a copy of a layer when creating an image in Photoshop
- What happens when you edit a layer
- How to create a new layer
- How to get rid of a layer
- How styles interact with layers
- What adjustment layers are used for

Bonus #2
Photoshop Secrets


You Will Learn About...
- The easy methods of how to solve direct sunlight problems and to make the best out of it.
- Common lighting errors and how to avoid them. And also using software to correct them.
- The autofocus problem that everyone hates during low light condition & tips to solve this problem.
- The red eye problem during photo shoot and advice to solve it.

Bonus #3
Photoshop Secrets


You Will Learn About...
- What types of equipments are needed to get started.
- How to master the basic micro stock photography principles
- Step by step guide on selling your photos
- The sites that will pay for your photos

Bonus #4
Photoshop Secrets


Some of the tips that you will find in this e-book...
- The Basics Of Digital Imaging
- Digital Cameras and the Benefits
- How to Buy Photography Equipments
- A Career In Fashion Photography
- Food Photography Tips for Newbie’s
- Proper Makeup As A Technique In Photography
- How To Capture Those Perfect Wedding Moments
- The Use Of Filters In Photography
- Use A Telephoto Lens For Your Aquarium
- Techniques For Underwater Photography
- Forensic Photography Used In Today’s Society
- How To Start A Photography Business

These super-valuable bonus e-books are going to show you all the stuff you need to know about photography. We will show you all the most common problems and how you can avoid it.

“So How Much Is This Going To Cost?”

To be honest - the e-book itself can be easily sold for $97...

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I'm willing to offer a guarantee because I'm willing to take on all the risk, while you take the time test-drive the lessons I've laid out for you in The Photography X-FACTOR. The Secret Shortcut To Snapping Professional Photographs.

If you don't see any improvement, ask for your money back. No questions, no hassles!

No more paying for expensive photography courses and no more attending pricey workshops. Get started, and master the art of photography today!

Use The X-Factor Now…

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To your photography success!

Founder of The Photography X-Factor

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